Lee Clark: Ajer is tailor made for the Premier League

Вячеслав Евдокимов / fc-zenit.ru / licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported & GNU Free Documentation License

You worked with Kristoffer Ajer when you managed Kilmarnock. What was he like to work with and what is your opinion of him now?

First of all, he’s been linked with Newcastle so from a selfish point of view, I’ve love Newcastle to sign him as he’d improve the club immediately from day one.


Before we signed him on loan, I spoke extensively to Brendan Rodgers about him. I’ve known Brendan for many years and we used to play against each other in the England vs Northern Ireland school boy games.

Brendan wanted Kristoffer to play in midfield and he asked me if I could play him there during the loan spell so that he could get used to playing in tight areas ahead of a transition to centre back long term. I saw that as a good fit for what I wanted to do and I paired him with Sean Longstaff now of Newcastle United. They were sensational together.

NUFC direct

They added a whole new dynamic to the group. He would drop back to centre back if we needed him to. For someone who is 6’4” he is so elegant as a footballer and he has an unbelievable attitude for the game.

He always wanted to do extra training and it doesn’t shock me to see the success that he has went on to achieve at Celtic.

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