About Football CFB

What is Football CFB?

I’ve been lucky to meet many footballing heroes of mine over the years.
Football CFB. CFB stands for Callum’s Football Blog.

Who am I?

Why have I created Football CFB?

Let me start by stating that I am not a football journalist. My name is Callum McFadden and I am a regular football fan – just like you – with an incredible amount of passion for the beautiful game.

I dreamed of being a sports journalist when I was growing up however I never had the confidence to follow my dream. However, despite not pursuing my dream career, I am very privileged to work within education which is another one of my passions.

I have set up Football CFB which stands for Callum’s Football Blog in which I will aim to provide interesting articles about clubs and the goings on within the SPFL across all levels. I interview various footballing personalities – players, club officials, fans, journalists, etc – in the classic Q and A style to provide an insight into the many views that we all have in relation to the SPFL and football in general.

Why set up Football CFB?

I have set up my very own blog because I have a long held passion for football and writing and I want to share my passion with football fans throughout Scotland and beyond.

I have also been inspired to create Football CFB thanks to two amazing football podcasters and writers – Phil Brown – founder of BTP sports – and Daniel Geey – Football writer and author of the critically acclaimed book ‘Done Deal’ who also happens to be a highly accomplished sports lawyer. I admire the work of both of these inspirational men and I reached out to them via email to express my admiration for their work.

Both of them very nicely wrote back to me and asked me about my passion for football and when I explained my story – as above – they both encouraged me to create my own football blog, twitter and podcast and share my passion with the wider world. Without their encouragement, I would never have started this new adventure!

So there you have it, that’s who I am and that’s how Football CFB originated and what I aim to achieve with it.

Happy reading and happy listening!

Callum. Follow me on Twitter: @Football_CFB