Fiveaside Games – The fan made, fan driven football game.

By Cameron Deacon When you say the term ‘Football game’ you think FIFA, Football Manager and PES. The longer inductees may also say Match Attacks or the legendary Subbuteo. In that time many football games have come and gone but never really broken through the market. The idea of table top games seems retro andContinue reading “Fiveaside Games – The fan made, fan driven football game.”

England under Gareth Southgate: are we now past the peak?

I am very aware that Football CFB’s readership is quite largely Scottish, So, you can take this as you will, maybe you’ll quite enjoy this? But I have been thinking about England’s national team for a while now and it almost seems as though I need to get this stuff off my chest.  The issueContinue reading “England under Gareth Southgate: are we now past the peak?”

The world of Football Scouting with Luis Kircher

By Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 – U.K. Football Writer “There are only two players who could possibly reach the level of Ronaldo and Messi…” Let’s be honest, we’ve all thought about it. At some point in our lives we have genuinely considered a career in Football Scouting. We have all looked up the prices ofContinue reading “The world of Football Scouting with Luis Kircher”

The unique history of British Cup Competitions

By Cameron Deacon – UK Football Writer In the last few years there has been a steady reform to cup competition within the UK. Changes in the rules, who can enter and how they can and what winning them actually means. In England there are seemingly hundreds of cup competitions; The FA cup, the LeagueContinue reading “The unique history of British Cup Competitions”

Ryan Gauld – What happened to the Scottish Messi?

By Cameron Deacon – UK Football Writer On the 2nd of July 2014, an 18-year-old Ryan Gauld stood in front of pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Figo as he shook hands with the President of Portuguese side Sporting CP. He had just finished his 3rd season as a Professional Footballer at Dundee United havingContinue reading “Ryan Gauld – What happened to the Scottish Messi?”

Football for Good: Stenhousemuir leading the way in the community

“It just felt like this was a time we had to step up. To step up for, and provide services and support to, vulnerable people in the community.”  11 years ago, Jamie Swinney started his life at Stenhousemuir FC. Starting as an academy coach and community role in the club, Jamie had no what kindContinue reading “Football for Good: Stenhousemuir leading the way in the community”

The Greatest Games: Henrik Larsson v Porto

LISTEN TO THE CFB EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH HENRIK LARSSON HERE – By Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 On Wednesday the 21st of May 2003, after a good night’s sleep Henrik Larsson looks out the window of Hotel Jerez. The sun was out, the day was hot and the security around the hotel was tight. EvenContinue reading “The Greatest Games: Henrik Larsson v Porto”

How Scotland made me fall in love with football

By Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 No title sponsor. Not well marketed enough. No respect for the game outwith Scotland. These are some of the issues and put downs that are set against the Scottish game. However, as Cameron writes here, the Scottish game means so much to him and here’s why. I have been aContinue reading “How Scotland made me fall in love with football”

The CFB Premiership Preview

Our chief football writer Cameron Deacon previews all 12 Premiership clubs ahead of the new season. @Cam_Deacon21 – Twitter It seems that no matter what direction that we step, there is always something in the way. For the past few months Scottish Football has been a whirlwind of news stories and controversy that can’t helpContinue reading “The CFB Premiership Preview”

Gretna Football Club: Football’s Icarus

The fragility of football. By Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 If you have ever sat down to play footballer manager or FIFA video games before, then you will know that one of the fan favourite things to do is take a lower league side through the divisions right to the top, creating your own underdog storyContinue reading “Gretna Football Club: Football’s Icarus”

False promises, Sacrifice and the Greater good: How Lower League Scotland is Surviving.

By Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 interviews Airdrie Director Of Football Stuart Millar. Last week I wrote a piece about how the SPFL needed to take reconstruction seriously, I did a lot of research into the topic and offered up the potential solutions. I thought it was a good piece. Unfortunately, what I didn’t realise wasContinue reading “False promises, Sacrifice and the Greater good: How Lower League Scotland is Surviving.”