The importance of Doctors and the Medics within football

‘Has the Doc had a look at him?’ What does the Doc think?’ The Doc has arranged for him to see the specialist. He is asking the Doc for a scan. I could go on forever with the times the word ‘Doc’ has been mentioned throughout football. And the list would be very long asContinue reading “The importance of Doctors and the Medics within football”

Festive football: Joyous for fans, straining for staff

Credit: Curzon Ashton As the nation prepares to indulge in its annual festival of excess-booze, food and presents-those masters of the new religion of football practice self-discipline. Whilst the rest of the country sit down to a festive feast on December the 25th, the players’ minds will be totally focused on avoiding a stuffing, ratherContinue reading “Festive football: Joyous for fans, straining for staff”

Discipline And Organisation In Football: is it still important in the modern game?

I have been in football for nearly 40 years yet do the same standards and ethos apply? One of English football’s greatest managers Sir Alex Ferguson operated on these principles and never deviated throughout his managerial career. In his book Leading with Michael Moritz. “I placed discipline above all else and it might have costContinue reading “Discipline And Organisation In Football: is it still important in the modern game?”

The reality of Football: Winning and losing a way of life

By Gavin Blackwell I am often asked the best and worst aspects of doing the job I do. For me personally it is the winning and losing – those are the things that we have to handle the most during a long season. It is important for the highs not to be too high and the lows not to be too low, it is certainly a very fine line.  The worst things can be sittingContinue reading “The reality of Football: Winning and losing a way of life”

Jim Headridge: The Best in the Business

Written by Gavin Blackwell – @GavinBlackwel11 – Vastly experienced football physio In the close season of 1966, Middlesbrough Football Club appointed Jimmy Headrige to the club’s backroom staff. Such appointments are more common now at this time of year across football, and also often happen with the appointment of a new manager. In the last threeContinue reading “Jim Headridge: The Best in the Business”

Gavin Blackwell: Moving on within football

Written by Gavin Blackwell – Physio within football for over 30 years. I was put in charge of Jaffa cakes, bananas and pasta.” One of my lecturers used to work for a Super League club in rugby league. One day I asked him why he had given up? “I was coming home one day andContinue reading “Gavin Blackwell: Moving on within football”