The financial success of Leicester under Brendan Rodgers

Leicester win the FA Cup just five years after winning the Premier League title. Manager Brendan Rodgers also has the club within touching distance of Champions League qualification for the first time since their Premier League winning campaign. So, just how do their finances compare to the so called ‘Big 6’? Revenue Average weekly wageContinue reading “The financial success of Leicester under Brendan Rodgers”

Financial throwback: Celtic’s finances from 1982/83

Some random documents lodged at Companies House including Celtic’s accounts from 1982 &83. In 1982 Celtic had income (including transfer fees) of £1.17m. This was £102.5 million in 2018/19, an increase of 8,665%. Total wages for Celtic in 1981/82 were £734k, with just one person at the club earning more than £30,000 in the year.Continue reading “Financial throwback: Celtic’s finances from 1982/83”

Kieran Maguire: Celtic and Rangers finances assessed

Introduction No one expects football clubs to have had a good 2019/20 financially due to the impact of Covid-19, but now that the two large Glasgow clubs have published their results, just how badly were they affected by the ravages of the pandemic? Every business has been impacted by COVID-19, but can Scottish football surviveContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Celtic and Rangers finances assessed”

REVEALED: How much Ed Woodward has earned during his time at Manchester United

“Front of Old Trafford.” by mammaDJ is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 For those worried about whether Ed Woodward will be able to pay the bills after resigning at Manchester United, since taking over in 2013 he’s earned £20,964,000. The club have confirmed his departure this evening in a press release received by major footballContinue reading “REVEALED: How much Ed Woodward has earned during his time at Manchester United”

Kieran Maguire: West Brom’s finances assessed

“St Albans Road, West Smethwick – The Hawthorns – West Bromwich Albion FC” by ell brown is licensed under CC BY 2.0 West Brom full accounts now published: Main points (13 months in 2020 compared to 12 in 2019) * Income down 24% to £54m* Wages up 43% to £67m* Operating loss up 168% toContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: West Brom’s finances assessed”

Kieran Maguire: Sometimes executives earn more than an entire clubs wage bill

Seems to be a lot of stick for the Celtic senior management team. In 2018/19 the highest paid director, Peter Lawwell, earned more money than some clubs total wage bill put together. Remarkably, Celtic are among the highest payers for directors in the U.K. game. *Manchester City Football Club Ltd paid nothing to directors. ParentContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Sometimes executives earn more than an entire clubs wage bill”

Kieran Maguire: Nottingham Forest finances

“City Ground structures” by zakgollop is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Nottingham Forest publish operating losses of £32m for 2019/20 taking total losses to £187,000,000 Forest had £19m injection from parent company in year Forest paid £148 in wages for every £100 of income in 2019/20 Forest bought players for £5.7m and had sales ofContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Nottingham Forest finances”

Kieran Maguire: Preston Finances

“File:Deepdalecomplete.jpg” by Hudson6dogs is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 Preston had losses of just over £17m in 2019/20 but player sale profits reduced this to ‘just’ £10m. Wages were £163 for every £100 of revenue. All main revenue streams down on the back of Covid for Preston. Preston owner Trevor Hemmings invested £7.8m into PrestonContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Preston Finances”

Celtic vs Rangers: The financial battle

Rangers have won the 2020/21 Scottish Premiership title. Below I examine the financial battle in Glasgow up to this season. Revenue A comparison of revenue for Rangers and Celtic in recent years. Rangers 2020 figures not out yet. Wages A comparison of wages for Rangers and Celtic in recent years. Celtic were in the driving […]

Kieran Maguire: St Johnstone’s finances

“St. Johnstone FC” by grassrootsgroundswell is licensed under CC BY 2.0 St Johnstone is a good example of club run prudently that lives within its means. Despite Covid impact only lost £20k in 2019/20 & has the security of £2.8m in the bank at end of season. St. Johnstone did make some staff redundant asContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: St Johnstone’s finances”

Kieran Maguire: Raith Rovers and Elgin City finances

Raith Rovers Raith Rovers made a profit of £117,000 in 2020. The club did have cash in the bank at end of season but that’s mainly due to borrowing from both the bank and owners, who are committed to continue funding the club. Raith Rovers owed about a million pounds interest free to directors andContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Raith Rovers and Elgin City finances”

Kieran Maguire: The differences between SPFL and Premier League revenue

A fascinating insight into the difference in finances between the top clubs in the Scottish Premiership and the English Premier League over the last 20 years. Looking at the comparative growth of football south & north of the border since the Premier League started in 1992/93. That season Rangers had the 3rd highest wage billContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: The differences between SPFL and Premier League revenue”

Kieran Maguire: Making sense of Chelsea’s finances

Chelsea lost £111 million from day to day trading in Covid-19 impacted 2019/20. Sales of Hazard & Morata helped generate £142m profit on player sales to offset these losses. Chelsea balance sheet strong due to Abramovich generosity. Debtors of £284m mainly sums owing from other clubs for transfers. Small increase (£7m) from new shares issued.Continue reading “Kieran Maguire: Making sense of Chelsea’s finances”

Kieran Maguire: The major football clubs and associations making use of low interest loans

Bank of England Covid low interest loans confirmed for English FA £175m Spurs (£175m) Arsenal (£120m), all of which have been publicised by the recipients. Also £75m borrowed by the EFL, mysteriously absent from the EFL website.

Kieran Maguire: Motherwell’s finances

Good to see fan controlled Motherwell publish full accounts. income up 8% in 2019/20 to £4.9m reflecting a 3rd place finish & punching above its weight financially despite Covid impact. Furlough grants £293k. Motherwell wages 85p for every poond of revenue, which is high but Covid does not help. Needs to sell players to helpContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Motherwell’s finances”

Kieran Maguire: Manchester United’s finances

Losses are to be expected in a Covid-19 world, so it was no surprise to see Manchester United’s financial results take a dip in the year to 30 June 2020. Under New York Stock Exchange rules (where Manchester United’s shares are traded) companies must publish accounts relatively quickly after the year end as it alsoContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Manchester United’s finances”

Kieran Maguire: Brighton Finances

Introduction Getting to the Premier League is an expensive business as many clubs in the Championship have found out, with operating losses in that division exceeding £600 million pre-Covid. Remaining in the Premier League can also be costly, as Brighton have proven in announcing their 2019/20 financial results. Income All clubs divide their revenue intoContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Brighton Finances”

Football Transfers and Creative Accounting: Protect me from what I want

When Derby County published their response to the EFL charges for financial misconduct on Friday 17th January 2020, it included reference to ‘the newly notified charge of intangible fixed asset amortisation’. The nonsense below is all about the said subject, but extended to how clubs can increase or decrease costs in the accounts in relation toContinue reading “Football Transfers and Creative Accounting: Protect me from what I want”


Credit: ArdFern By Daniel Geey – @FootballLaw I’ve teamed up with top football tax adviser Rhys Linnell to have a look at agents fees: are they out of control, what are the suggested solutions and would they work? INTRODUCTION Between 2 February 2018 and 31 January 2019, Liverpool paid out almost £43.7m in fees to agents andContinue reading “SHOULD PLAYERS PAY THEIR OWN AGENTS…? IT WOULD COST PREMIER LEAGUE CLUBS £166M A YEAR!”

Kieran Maguire: Lincoln City’s latest financials

Credit: Richard Croft / Sincil Bank / CC BY-SA 2.0 Lincoln publish accounts and continue to set a gold standard in terms of transparency & governance. Revenue up 20% as Cowley compensation & higher broadcast income on back of promotion offsets Covid impact. Many Lincoln fans demonstrated support for club by declining ST refunds inContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Lincoln City’s latest financials”

Kieran Maguire: The financial health of the SPFL

Income SPFL income down £5m in 2019/20 mainly due to lower TV revenues as a result of Covid-19. BT took a rebate whereas Sky paid in full prior to exclusivity from 2020/21. Money paid to clubs Money paid to SPFL clubs (including parachute payments) down £4.4m on back of fall in revenues. Overheads up asContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: The financial health of the SPFL”

Kieran Maguire: Hearts finances assessed

Credit: Paul Henery Income Hearts total income down 16% with all key elements of revenue falling, especially broadcast, down by a third. Wage Bill Despite the shortened season Hearts wage bill up 7%. Way behind Rangers and Celtic but still the 4th highest in Scotland. Losses Hearts lost £70k a week throughout 2019/20 from dayContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Hearts finances assessed”

Kieran Maguire: Partick Thistle’s finances assessed

Credit: Big Jim Fae Scotland at English Wikimedia Income Partick Thistle income down 12% in 2019/20 due to Covid and day to day operations go from £46k profit to £356k loss. Club made money from ‘other income’ possibly player sale? Loss on investment likely to be reversed as relates to Firhill. Money in the bankContinue reading “Kieran Maguire: Partick Thistle’s finances assessed”

Kieran Maguire: Tottenham’s finances

Credit: Acabashi – Profit Spurs go from an £87m profit before tax to a loss of £68m. Further evidence that the Premier League does not have the resources to bail out all of the rest of the football pyramid. Spurs had the highest profit before tax in the Premier League in 2019/20 of £87m.Continue reading “Kieran Maguire: Tottenham’s finances”

Premier League Club values 2020: 5th to 1st

University of Liverpool Premier League Club Valuations 2020 / University of Liverpool Centre for Sports Business Group Executive summary The value of Premier League clubs based on their 2018/19 accounts increased by 1.5% overall to £14.7 billion, with the ‘Big Six’ (Manchester United and City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs) making up £11 billion (75%)Continue reading “Premier League Club values 2020: 5th to 1st”