5 Men Who Could Lead Celtic Forward

“Celtic FC – FC Barcelona-5” by Jose A. Segura is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Celtic have had a year full of pain compared to their previous decade or so – from Europa League disappointment to bottling 10 titles in a row to Old Firm rivals Rangers, it hasn’t been great! They now are lookingContinue reading “5 Men Who Could Lead Celtic Forward”

What is a ‘Mezzala’ and why is it only a thing on Football Manager?

Photograph and copyright owned by Sports Interactive. © Sports Interactive Limited 2020 There are many roles or positions in football, some of which are more common than others. Aswell as this, there are some roles that people are less familiar with, or that are only commonly known in games such as Sports Interactive’s ‘Football Manager’,Continue reading “What is a ‘Mezzala’ and why is it only a thing on Football Manager?”

Who is Eddie Howe, the next Celtic manager?

Credit: Ardfern/ CC BY-SA Recently there have been strong links between Eddie Howe and Celtic Football Club, as the next manager of the club. Everyone knows him as the last Bournemouth manager, but who is he? And would he be a good fit at Celtic? Edward John Frank Howe, Eddie Howe, is touted to beContinue reading “Who is Eddie Howe, the next Celtic manager?”

Manchester City progress to the last 8 again under Guardiola

“Fernandinho gets an earful from Pep Guardiola” byfive til noon is licensed under CC BY 2.0 City v Gladbach second leg – 16/3/21 Manchester City 2-0 Mönchengladbach Manchester City’s away leg against Mönchengladbach was 5 games ago now, but tonight the blues traveled again to the City-blue-illuminated Puskas Arena in Hungary in an effort toContinue reading “Manchester City progress to the last 8 again under Guardiola”

Tom Caldwell: What is a pressing trigger?

Credit: Pexels The Gegenpress is one of the biggest tactical innovations of the last decade or so, but it has bought much more than just a singular style of play! Specifically, it has seen the rise of something called a Pressing Trigger! In short, it is a certain time in a match when a teamContinue reading “Tom Caldwell: What is a pressing trigger?”