From the Jaws of Victory: Review

A thrilling read from start to finish. So many exceptional writers brought together to tell many intriguing tales of the great teams who came so close to greatness but ultimately fell short! As fans we’ve all been there with our own teams and this book brings those emotions and memories to the forefront of yourContinue reading “From the Jaws of Victory: Review”

Nostalgic touch a good way to end Only An Excuse

Credit: BBC news ONLY An Excuse used to be the thing to look forward to at Hogmanay back in the nineties and early 2000’s. Every end of year, Jonathan Watson would dress up and do great impressions of some of Scottish Football’s biggest names, from Sir Alex Ferguson to Walter Smith, from Kenny Dalglish toContinue reading “Nostalgic touch a good way to end Only An Excuse”

Jim Keoghan: How to Run A Football Club

Interview with ‘How To Run A Football Club’ author Jim Keoghan Jim Keoghan is an established football author, who has been writing for 20 years. In 2014, Jim published his first book based around football activism and ownership in English football, followed by books on Everton in the 90s, their ‘Greatest Games’ and a smallerContinue reading “Jim Keoghan: How to Run A Football Club”

Daniel Gray: Extra Time

A collection of lyrical sweet-nothings whispered to late goals, local radio commentators, referees falling over and 47 other reminders of why we love football. Despite its flaws and excesses, modern football is still sprinkled with simple yet beguiling delights. In his previous book Saturday, 3pm, Daniel Gray captured many of them. Now he is backContinue reading “Daniel Gray: Extra Time”

Wings of Change: How the World’s Biggest Energy Drink Manufacturer Made a Mark in Football

Wings of Change is the story of how Red Bull, the world’s largest energy drinks manufacturer made their mark in football. After years of success in the beverage line and the world of extreme sports, Red Bull controversially took over their local club, SV Austria Salzburg, and changed their name, crest, colours and history. SoonContinue reading “Wings of Change: How the World’s Biggest Energy Drink Manufacturer Made a Mark in Football”


Not all the greats get what they deserve. Through the eyes of a wonderful line-up of writers, From the Jaws of Victory pays homage to club and international sides who captivated, inspired and astounded in equal measure, only to fall short of football’s biggest prizes. The destination of these stories may be the same, butContinue reading “FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY”

The top 20 football films

By Callum McFadden – @CallumCFB 1. State of Play – Mike Calvin and BT Sport State of Play is a documentary film investigating the human stories of football with award-winning writer Michael Calvin who turns his eye to the biggest story of all – the game itself. From mental health to money, concussion to ChampionsContinue reading “The top 20 football films”

The Football CFB Top 10: Football Books

I am a self confessed football fanatic and the reason I started Football CFB is because I watch a silly amount of football each week and consume a crazy amount of football content each week online, by reading books and watching documentaries. In this article, I have picked out my top 10 footballing reads fromContinue reading “The Football CFB Top 10: Football Books”

CFB Review: Kevin Day: Who are Ya?

“Excellent!” The Times “Kevin’s immense knowledge shines on every page.” Gary Lineker “A football book by a fan for the fans. A treasure trove…” Alan Davies “An entertaining romp through the back alleys and glamour parks of English football.” FourFourTwo Partly autobiographical, partly polemical, but mostly funny, Who Are Ya? is a snapshot of modernContinue reading “CFB Review: Kevin Day: Who are Ya?”