The Origins of Penarol

“File:Pcio Penarol – Entrada x Galicia.jpg” by Andrea Mazza is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 One of the most famous and least talked about clubs in the world is Penarol of Uruguay. They are also the forerunners of professionalism in the sport, but to get it passed they had to convince the English settlers thatContinue reading “The Origins of Penarol”

Denilson: My career journey

“Denilson” by Ronnie Macdonald is licensed underCC BY 2.0 You came through the youth setup and debuted in the first team of São Paulo in your native Brazil. How do you look back on your time at the club and do you have any highlights and special memories? “The good memories I have are theContinue reading “Denilson: My career journey”

Michael Gamble: MLS memories, Chilean football and Loudoun United

Credit: Xavi Dussaq / Courtesy of Loudoun United You’re currently at Loudoun United. Sum up your time at the club so far? I’m really enjoying the club and I’ve known the manager for a long time since I was 15 years old. He was one of the assistant coaches at the University I attended andContinue reading “Michael Gamble: MLS memories, Chilean football and Loudoun United”

Vagner da Silva: Portuguese football, Europa League memories and success with Qarabag

Image courtesy of Pexels You started your career in your native Brazil with Club Athletico Paranaense. What are your memories of your time there? I have only the best memories from my time in Athletico. When I got there I was 13 years old, it was there that I was formed, as man and goalkeeper.Continue reading “Vagner da Silva: Portuguese football, Europa League memories and success with Qarabag”

Copa Libertadores- The Story of Two Breathtaking Spectacles

The Semi-Final second legs took place on Wednesday and left many football fans across the world speechless. Both games were filled with goals, chaos and drama, making them a perfect advertisement for South American football Palmeiras 0-2 River Plate Palmeiras thought they had cemented their place in the final after winning the first leg 3-0,Continue reading “Copa Libertadores- The Story of Two Breathtaking Spectacles”

R9 at Rangers: How close was Ronaldo to starring in Scotland?

Credit: Ricardo Stuckert Everyone loves a good transfer rumour and I’m not ashamed to say it but I love the transfers that come out of thin air that nobody ever saw coming. Some that come to mind are when Argentinian World Cup Stars Javier Mascherano & Carlos Tevez pitched up at West Ham and inContinue reading “R9 at Rangers: How close was Ronaldo to starring in Scotland?”

Copa Libertadores- Aggression, Flair and Amateur Dramatics

Credit: Carlos Figueroa Rojas / Media supported by Wikimedia Chile. The Copa Libertadores is perfect viewing for those who are looking for a rawer Champions League like competition. Both Semi-Final first legs that took place on Tuesday contained the perfect balance of familiar faces and breakthrough stars looking to set the world alight. River PlateContinue reading “Copa Libertadores- Aggression, Flair and Amateur Dramatics”