Our Team

At Football CFB, we have a great team of talented broadcasters, writers and football legends. We produce content in audio form, video form and written form.

We are a non-commercial organisation who do not showcase adverts on our website and are not for profit. We cover football across all levels based on our shared love and knowledge of the game. All of our contributors give their time to CFB free of charge and for the love of their craft.

The founder and editor of Football CFB

Callum McFadden- @CallumCFB – Host and Producer of the Football CFB show

Our current and former professionals

Christie Murray – @ChristieMurray7 – Scotland International, broadcaster and writer (Image courtesy of Birmingham City Football Club)
Craig Brown – Legendary Scottish football manager and columnist
Willie Morgan – @TheWillieMorgan – Manchester United legend and broadcaster
Gerry Armstrong – Football legend and Spanish football expert
Andy Ritchie – @AndyRit54644344 – Scottish Football legend
Alan Mahood – @Alan_Mahood14 – Columnist
Rod Underwood – @cutinside – Professional football manager and technical director. Lead tactical writer for Football CFB. (Image provided personally by Rod Underwood)
Gavin Blackwell – Physio with over 30 years experience in the game across many levels (Image provided personally by Gavin Blackwell)

Our football law and finance experts

Daniel Geey – @FootballLaw – Leading Football lawyer and contributor (Image provided by Daniel Geey and Daniel Geey (dot) com
Kieran Maguire – @KieranMaguire – Football finance expert and host of the Price of Football
Jock Brown – Commentator, football administration and retired lawyer

The Chief Football writer of Football CFB

James Rowe – @JamesRoweNL – The Chief Football Writer of Football CFB

Our lead league specific writers

Marie Schulte-Bockum – @marieschubo – Bundesliga expert and lead German football writer
Ciaran Foreman – @CiaranForemann – Lead SPFL writer and one to one interviewer
Michael Burney – @BurneyRed – Lead Premier League Writer
Charlotte Paterson – @KirbyHazard – Lead Asian Football writer
Dr. Grant Campbell – @Stato_Grant – Lead Northern Irish Football writer
Tim Stockton – @NiagaraMUFC – Lead MLS Writer
Darren Tinmouth – @Dazzla84_SSFC – Lead Non-League Football Writer

Our team of interviewers

Cameron Deacon – @Cam_Deacon21 – One to one Interviewer
The Real Fitbaw – @FitbawReal – One to one Scottish Football interviewer

Our dedicated team of subject specific writers

Historical football writing

Stephen Brandt – @StephenCBrandt – Published author and Lead Historical football writer
Chris Amy – @ChrisAmy86 – Retro football writer and Founder of FarPostHeader.com

UK Football

John Bleasdale – @JBleasdale81 – lead Scottish Football News Writer
Colin Byiers – @byiers13 – Scottish football writer and one to one interviewer
Dillon Donnelly – @DillonDonnelly7 – Premier League and European Football writer
Kieran Fleming – @K_Fleming2 – Feature Writer and Analyst

Mental Health

Chris Paul – @Chris_p4ul – Man On Inverclyde founder and feature writer

European Football

The team from @BelgianPodcast
Adibir Singh – European Football Writer
Stel Stylianou – Cypriot Football Expert and lead European football writer
Daniel Dwamena – European Football Writer

Women’s Football

Gordon McColm – Lead Woman’s Football writer