At Football CFB, we have worked with professionals throughout the game of football and they’ve kindly shared their experiences with us.

Matt Le Tissier

Premier League legend, Southampton FC ambassador and Sky Sports Pundit

Callum has an incredibly strong work ethic which is shown in each of his interviews. His research is of the highest standard. This makes it a joy to be interviewed by him.

Adrian Bevington

Former English FA Director

Callum is brilliant! Passionate about football and broadcasting. He loves to give his guests the opportunity to tell their story and is always helpful and courteous. The guests and the listeners come first.

Rory Hamilton

Commentator, BT Sport.

I held off on doing any podcasts for a few years. It was Callum easy-going and friendly approach that talked me round and I haven’t looked back since. When it comes to the interview itself, it’s almost scary to know how much information is out there about you. And Callum’s researched it all. Not in an intrusive way. He’s got a manner and a style that makes it reassuring. Undoubtedly however, his strongest asset is to make you feel at ease and comfortable to open up and tell your story. I’ve found that our chats before and after last longer than the actual interview itself! It’s always been a pleasure to be a (very small) part of the story and future that he’s building.

Patrick Barclay, football writer and broadcaster.

Callum has, in a remarkably short time, proved himself an excellent interviewer and all-round communicator. I was very pleased to be asked to take part in his programme and enjoyed it immensely. Afterwards I concluded that Callum has two special assets as an interviewer: thorough preparation and empathy.